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Ed May Marketing Expertise

There are many things that go into marketing a home owner's home. Some basic things to keep in mind that all realtors like me do are:

  • Take maximum amount of pictures of the house
  • List the house in the MLS system
  • Take virtual Tours for online marketing
  • Make brochures and flyers
  • Send out the brochures and flyers in direct mailers

Many realtors do not go out of their way to take pictures of your home. They simply say "The MLS will drive by and take a picture of your home." That's not good for a few reasons.

  1. They only take 1 picture of your home
  2. The picture can be taken at a bad angle. For example, if you live on a corner lot, then the best angle to take the picture would be from a diagonal angle. This will insure both the front and side of the house in the photo, on top of the good amount of lawn shown on your photo. Thus making your home look even bigger than just a normal frontal view.
  3. The resolution of the digital camera that they use might be set on low to medium resoltuion thus causing unnecessary color noise to show up on your photo. This would make your photo look unprofessional and ugly.

My marketing team pulls together a unique design to stand out from the realtors that are selling homes in your neighborhood. This makes buyers look at your home before any other. I also market your home listing out to local newspapers, Philadelphia and the Wall Street Journal.

I also market my name on top of the home listings. As you know there are many buyers that would rather work with a realtor instead of looking for homes themselves. Those buyers know that realtors such as me get the most up-to-date information on homes for sale before they even come out on major web and print publications such as and I also have exclusive homes for sale which means that buyers working with other realtors must buy through me and not their realtor. This makes transactions much more easy between the seller, YOU, and the buyer since I will be the only agent representing both parties.


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